Solar Water and Solar Heating

At SAS & Trewartha’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd we offer the flexibility for any system to be incorporated within an existing system,  or a completely new system, to serve either hot water only or a combination of hot water and heating.

The options are endless – a basic system can save up to 70% off your hot water bill (hot water usually accounting for approx 20-30% of your total utility bill). With a solar system to serve your heating system there is an even greater saving – also remember that energy bills increase each year, however, once you have paid the initial cost of a Solar installation, it will usually only require annual maintenance. With this cost currently under £100, pay back of such a solar heating system is usually approximately 10 years or less on your investment and can add up to £10,000 on the resell value of your home.

SAS & Trewartha’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd - Solar Water and Solar Heating

Your chance to see a working solar system

We have a system running at our Liskeard commercial premises and we welcome you to come and see this in operation.

Installing a solar system in an existing or new house can be the best way of reducing your bills and carbon foot print. If you have previously been advised otherwise, I urge you to  come and see our working model, where one of our team will be pleased to discuss such systems with you.

A solar system combined with an energy efficient boiler, incorporating a heating system using a condensing gas/oil boiler or ground source/air source heat pump with a well insulated house can reduce your energy running costs even further.

Protect the future generation and, as many experts suggest, even add up to £10k to the selling cost of your house by installing a suitable solar system.

It makes sense to invest in the future and protect your children’s children.

For additional information, please contact us.

SAS & Trewartha’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd - Solar Water and Solar Heating

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