Wood Pellets

Wood pellets are a relatively new fuel in the UK market. Here at SAS & Trewartha's we provide:

New Pellet HopperDelivery vehicles capable of providing the special handling needs of wood pellet fuels can supply to domestic and commercial heating installations and accommodate most user site demands. We keep up to 24 tonnes of wood pellets in stock. Loading is made easy with our new pellet hopper.

Pellet Moisture Levels

ENplus states that the moisture level of the pellet has to be 10% or below, our pellets are advertised as 10% or below not 10%.

As part of our manufactures production process in-house testing is carry out on the produced pellets, the checks are carried out hourly and also involve the checking of the moisture level. The average moisture level for 2012 was 7.19 % and for 2013 the average level is 7.34.  No pellet producer can guarantee  a consistent moisture level as this varies with the raw materials being used.



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