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Pellet Boilers

Relatively new to this country, Pellet Boilers are highly valued and wide used in Europe and around the world.

The main difference between the boiler types is with or without hoppers. Where space is at a premium, a smaller unit without hoppers will require only a little more attention in topping them up and will free up valuable space and has a balanced flue.


SAS & Trewartha’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd - Pellet Boilers


Either can incorporate wood/logs/briquettes as an additional fuel or be supplemented with a varied range of either gas, oil or bio fuels with various uses for whole house heating and hot water.

Your chance to see a working pellet boiler system

We have a system running at our Liskeard commercial premises and we welcome you to come and see this in operation.

To a communal heating system, the Jaspi range of appliances includes your choice of:

This unit can be connected to any type of system including solar.

comparison of appliance installation including radiators and wet system

Heating Grants & Rebates Scheme Information

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