Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps work exactly as named, extracting heat from the ground to pre-heat an electrical inverter; thus generating heat (working in the opposite way to a refrigerator). This is then transferred to a water store of some kind - usually a thermo store cylinder or hot water cylinder.

These units use electricity to generate the heat with a C.O.P. () of 4-1, which means to say for every £1 spent you obtain £4 worth of heat output.

SAS & Trewartha’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd - Ground Source Heat Pumps

Be aware that these units usually work 24 hours a day, so extremely good insulation levels must be achieved to avoid these units costing more to run than a conventional heating and hot water system. Economy 7 or Economy 10 electricity are also advantageous to achieve best results from this system.

Ground source heat pumps require a bore hole to be installed which can be costly. At as much as £10,000 plus to install, they are mainly used in new buildings which are highly insulated, helping to create an extremely energy efficient system.

Ground source heat pump systems, required to be specially designed & set up, through their team of renewable consultants, advise on the best system for your property and the approximate running costs for heating and hot water.

Combining this system with a solar hot water system may benefit you further, resulting in very low running costs. At SAS & Trewartha’s Plumbing and Heating Ltd we also work with suppliers to advise on such schemes to ensure we select the most appropriate system for your needs.

These systems incorporating solar are very efficient with underfloor heating system.


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